Dinard-Pleurtuit Airfield (FR)

(48 35 30 N – 02 05 00 W)


General: airfield in NW France 60 km NW of Rennes in Brittany; airfield located 5 km SSW of Dinard and 1.75 km NW of the village of Pleurtuit.

History: used as found during 1940 and early 1941 by the Luftwaffe and then developed into a major airbase for bombers. Relatively active right through to Jun 44.

Dimensions: approx. 1830 x 1000 meters (2000 x 1100 yards) with an irregular shape.

Surface and Runways: artificially drained grass on clay subsoil. There were 2 concrete runways in the form of a cross – (1) 1740 meters (1900 yards) aligned N/S with assembly hardstands at both ends, and (2) 1600 meters (1750 yards) aligned NW/SE with assembly hardstands at both ends. A perimeter road encircled the landing area. Equipped with boundary lighting, runway illumination, a visual beacon, a beam approach system and visual Lorenz systems for each runway.

Fuel and Ammunition: refuelling loops were on the E and W boundaries and in the East and West dispersal areas. Bulk fuel storage was in woods 1 km NW of the hangars. The main bomb dump was 1.6 km WSW of the airfield and 4 smaller dumps in the surrounding woods and in the dispersal areas.

Infrastructure: had 5 medium hangars, all grouped on the NW boundary.

Workshop buildings and motor vehicle sheds and garages were behind the hangars. Station HQ, admin offices and aircrew quarters were in a group of buildings in a stand of trees behind the hangars. Station officers were billeted in château about 1 km S of the airfield, personnel in barracks SE on the outskirts of Pleurtuit and additional personnel in hotels in Dinard. 

A light rail spur off the main Dinard line encircled the airfield on the W and S sides.

Dispersal: the 3 dispersals – East, West and Northwest – had a total of 26 large and 1 medium covered aircraft shelters in Jul 43. An additional 8 shelters were under construction in Mar 44.

Defences: protected by 5 heavy and 17 light Flak positions out to a radius of 3 km from the centre of the airfield.


© Luftwaffe Airfields 1935-45 France (with Corsica and Channel Islands) By Henry L. deZeng IV